Our Top 4 Cheat Meal Spots in Kamloops

our top 4 Cheat meal spots in Kamloops

We have always been HUGE foodies with big appetite’s. Because we use flexible dieting, we are able to go out and enjoy a cheat meal or two quite often… restriction is far from what we preach!  

Our first mission when we moved to Kamloops was to find our new favourite go to’s… and I think we are doing pretty good so far!

After some exploring, these are 4 FAVOURITE spots…

1. Hello Toast

Our Favourites: Chive on Eggs Benny & Cayenne in the Rain

We love all the egg’s benny’s on the menu, but the Chive On Benny is our favourite. The beef and onion combo with the eggs and hollandaise sauce is perfect! We definitely get our protein in with this one.

Our next favourite is Cayenne in the Rain. This bowl is packed with flavour. It has potatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, two poached eggs, cheddar, feta and an amazing dill sauce with cayenne paper sprinkled on top. All together it makes for a filling and extremely satisfying breakfast. 

Definitely #1 on our list! 

2. Oh Sushi Mura

Our Favourites: Red Dragon Roll & Beef/Chicken Teriyaki Roll

We LOVE sushi cheat meals because it is an easy and delicious way to get in some extra protein and carbohydrates! Our absolute favourite roll is the Red Dragon Roll.  If you are into SPICY, you will not be disappointed.  It has prawns, crab, and cucumber with spicy tuna on top. We love it because it doesn’t leave us feeling bloated, it’s delicious, and a well balanced meal! 


The beef and chicken teriyaki roll are also on our favourites list, mostly because they come with a TON of meat. We love them because 1) we are huge protein lovers, and 2) the roll is the perfect size! 

We eat here WAY to often, but we seriously can’t help it!


3. Bold Pizzeria

Our Favourites: Milan Club & The Renaissance

We love this pizza because the light crust doesn’t leave you feeling bloated… especially if you happen to be like us and eat the whole dang pizza. We don’t always feel the greatest after smashing a whole pizza from Domino’s or Pizza Hut… and this is why we are in LOVE with Bold. We are able to enjoy a pizza cheat meal, and leave with happy bellies. 

The front pizza in the picture is the Milan Club, and I can’t fan girl hard enough about the artichoke and white sauce combo! If you like white sauce pizza (like me), then you have to try this one out. If you are a red sauce fan (like Zac), then the Renaissance is more for you!  This one is packed with meat as well, and another reason why we love this flavour so much. 


4. The Noble Pig

Our Favourites: Brewmasters Plate, Noble Burger & Mango Beer 

When we found out that they make charcuterie boards with LOCAL foods, we were hooked before we even tried! Their plate has pork and duck rillettes, vegetables, chutney, audrey, and pickles. Charcuterie has been Zac and I’s “thing” when going out for dinner, so we’ve had A LOT of different combinations. We would say this one is very original, and is a huge reason why we love it. 


As for the brews…the mango infused beer is delicious. Crossing our fingers it will make a comeback soon!