Best Costco Buys For A Nurses Lunch


Healthcare professionals are hands down the busiest people on the planet right now (especially in the middle of a pandemic)… and meal prepping doesn’t always come easy. Costco is one my favourite places to find easy, pre-prepped foods to make healthy meals for my shifts. 


Frozen Foods

This bag comes with four mini bags that you can microwave in 5 MINUTES. The plastic bags they come in can be put directly into the microwave. Perfect for those of us who don’t get to the veggies in our fridge in time.

Costco has TONS of frozen vegetable options. Stir-fry mixes are also a great options for the vegetable portion of your prepped meals. 

For my vegetarians! These burgers can come right out of the freezer and be put into a frying pan. Takes 5-10 minutes to cook. These also have 16g of protein if you’re looking to create more of a “healthy” burger option. 

Costco has so many “smoothie bags” with fruits and vegetables pre-prepared to throw into a blender! These are perfect for your early morning shift. Put a portion and a scoop of LeanFit Protein Powder to make a balanced and protein rich breakfast.

Let’s not forget about pre-prepared frozen dinners! When you come home from a 12 hour shift, the last thing you want to do is cook a meal. These are PERFECT for that exact time! These lemon chicken dishes have 21g of protein per serving, and come with cauliflower rice! All microwavable (if you’re into that). 

These burgers are pre-cooked, just frozen. They take 5-10 minutes to heat, and are such an easy protein source to throw in your lunch. The macronutrients on these aren’t bad either! 

Protein Sources

How can you not love pre-cooked chicken breast? No one wants to cook these, lets be honest LOL. These are perfect to make a last minute at home dinner, or to put in your lunch. 

Perfect for those super quick (if any at all) lunch breaks! Such an easy way to get in some quick protein if you are having a busy day. Costco also has beef jerky, which is also a great alternative. 

This yogurt is PACKED with protein, and low in sugar. Super easy to prep with some fruit and granola. Comes in packs of three. Also doubles as a healthy alternative to sour cream!

I love pepperoni strictly for the fact that it’s already cooked! I pair it with vegetables for a perfect, high protein snack. This brand is high in fat, although I know they often come with a leaner option. 

My FAVOURITE whey protein powder on the planet! This is a certified and third-party tested protein, with flavours of chocolate and vanilla. I use this as a breakfast shake on my first break at work, because it’s quick and easy to get down with absolutely no prep! Mixing this with water tastes like chocolate milk (no joke).


The best salty snack! I love these, especially because of their long shelf life. The perfect healthy alternative to chips. 

Healthy pre-portioned fats! All ready to go, and already measured. These are my favourite to have in my lunch bag, as an easy go-to when I didn’t prep anything ahead of time. 

These 3-ingredient bars are such an easy way to get in some energy during a busy shifts. I like these bars because they are made from natural ingredients, and are packed with micronutrients. Kids love these too!

A salty snack thats already pre-packed. Costco also has individual hummus dips that pair great with vegetables. 

A quick snack in a reusable bag! You can keep these in the car for your drive home, or eat them during your break… either way it’s a healthy snacking alternative! I personally love this brand because there is no added sugar. 

We all know how important snacks are (especially sweet ones!), and these are the perfect option. They are individually wrapped, organic, and gluten-free!

Other Quick Picks

Okay, so let’s say you REALLY didn’t meal prep. I know these are canned and contain a  a bit of sodium, BUT a healthy alternative when you literally did not pack anything. I keep some of these in my lunch kit, just in case! 

I love warming these up and drinking them on a night shift. They keep you warm and you get in a quick bit of protein! 

Something we all know and love, and our universal language… coffee! These are great to put in your lunch bag for a mid-day pick me up, or for when you get to work. All you need is a kettle and your mug! 

I always have 2 or 3 of these in my lunch kit if I need some extra carbs or skipped breakfast! Easy to warm-up in the microwave and already pre packaged!

These are also gluten-free and have only 1g of sugar per every 38g serving!

We all know how long legumes take to cook (literally forever), so these are great because they are pre-cooked and canned! These are also low in sodium, and gluten-free. In my opinion they don’t taste any different than freshly cooked chickpeas! These come in a package of 8. 

I hope this helps you get in some healthy meal prep during such busy times!

Thanks for reading!