Gas Station Snack Hacks

Gas Station snack hacks

Use the tools down below to make smarter and healthier choices when you’re on a road trip or travelling!

Sometimes a gas station is the only option for a quick snack… but that’s okay! There are LOTS of healthier options for you to choose so you can stay on track, and feel your best!


Pick a diet-soda over a regular soda!

Coca-Cola 500 ml (and most other soda’s) contain 55 grams of sugar, and a whopping 200 calories. Don’t drink your carbs! 

Coca-Cola Zero (and most other diet soda’s) contain 0 grams of sugar, and have 0 calories. 

200 Calories  0 Calories
55 grams Sugar  0 grams Sugar

Make sure you check the label so the sugar content. Some “diet” soda’s still contain smaller amounts of sugar. 




Pick a jerky over a bag of chips!

A snack size bag of chips contains around 350 calories… most of which come from fat. 

A snack size bag of jerky contains around 240 calories, most of which are protein.  

High Fat ⇨ High Protein
350 calories ⇨ 240 calories

Choosing the higher protein option allows your body to burn more calories while digesting, and is especially important if you are sitting in a vehicle all day!


Trade a chocolate bar for a protein bar!
BUT make sure the protein is low in carbohydrates, and high in protein. LOTS of protein bars contain just as much sugar and calories as a regular chocolate bar.
We recommend QUEST or ONE Bars… our favourites are chocolate cookie dough and glazed donut! 

24 grams Sugar ⇨ 1 gram Sugar
High Carbohydrate ⇨ High Protein



Trade an energy drink for a sugar-free energy drink!

Monster Energy contains 54 grams of sugar and 166 mg of caffeine.

Monster Energy ZERO ULTRA contains 0 grams of sugar and 137 mg of caffeine.

Our favourite is the white flavour, but the orange and blue are up there! There are lots of flavours to choose from if you are looking for a sugar-free option.

There isn’t as much caffeine in the sugar-free drink, although you won’t experience the sugar crash the comes with the sugar loaded option!

54 grams Sugar ⇨ 0 grams Sugar
166 mg Caffeine ⇨ 137 mg Caffeine





Choose a veggie cup instead of a candy cup! 

A candy cup can contain 20-30 grams of sugar, and is full of processed ingredients.

A vegetable cup is easy to eat on the road and will provide you with some of your vitamins and minerals for the day!

Processed Ingredients ⇨ Vitamins & Minerals
High Carbohydrate ⇨ Low Carbohydrate



Grab a bag of pickle bites instead of peanuts!

A bag of M&M Peanuts contain around 50 grams of sugar and 26 grams of fat… which can be eaten quickly while snacking and driving!

A bag of pickles has 2g of carbohydrates, for the WHOLE BAG. You could eat 2 or 3 bags if your snacking little heart desired! They also have a few different flavours.

High Sugar and Fat Content ⇨ No Sugar or Fat Content
High Calorie ⇨ Low Calorie

I know pickles just aren’t the same as chocolate covered peanuts, but hey… work with me here!


Instead of a chocolate candy bar, pick a sweeter option protein bar!

This candy bar has almost 400 calories and 41 grams of sugar. Although we never recommend NOT having treats (we love treats)… this is not a great snacking option.

A sweeter protein bar usually does the trick with a sweet craving. Like we said before, QUEST and ONE bars are two of our favs. Check out other high protein, lower carbohydrate and fat options as well.

High Calorie ⇨ Lower Calorie
High Sugar Content ⇨ Lower Sugar Content



Trade gas station fast food meat skewers for some hard boiled eggs!

We all know how DELISH these meat skewers can be (seriously they taste better than they look), but are very high in fat and are highly processed.

Hard boiled eggs contain omega-3 fatty acids, and provide you with an unprocessed protein source.

Questionable Fat Source ⇨ Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Processed Protein ⇨ Unprocessed Protein


Trade spicy chips, for spicy seaweed bites!

We all know that a bag of chips can be quite high in calories, and contain high fat and carbohydrate content.

So, if you are craving something spicy and with a little crunch… the 14 calorie seaweed packets are just for you. They also come in a variety of flavours.

High Calorie ⇨ Low Calorie
High Carbohydrate ⇨ 1 gram Carbohydrate

We hope this helps you make smarter choices when you’re travelling…. but don’t forget to have a treat once and awhile also! We encourage you to make smarter choices so you have the FREEDOM to enjoy a treat when you want it.

Everything is moderation as we ALWAYS SAY, live in the moment, don’t drink your carbs, and EAT THAT DONUT.

Send us your pics of your healthier road trip choices!