My Top 10 Nursing Essentials

My Top 10 Nursing Essentials

These are a few things that I absolutely cannot live without at work! 

I thought I would share incase any of these thing would make it easier for you to get through your day. Sometimes it’s the little things that can get you through a work day!

What are some of your favourite work essentials?

Customized Littmann Classic III Steth0scope

I have only ever had this stethoscope #newnurse , but it NEVER goes missing because it has my name engraved in it. I HIGHLY recommend getting your scope engraved… no one will ever steal it again! The Classic III model is great because it’s designed for basic physical assessment of adults. A good scope to begin with, especially if you aren’t sure which one is right for you!

Manna 24 oz Flight Tumbler

Fill it up before your shift, and make sure it’s gone before the end (and do it twice if you’re lucky). The best part about these bottles is if you add ice, the water stays cold ALL DAY. I can’t stress enough how important it is to bring a water bottle to work and make the effort too HYDRATE.

Themed Badge Reel

Easy to pull out when your keys or swipe card when you need them, aaaaand because they are cute! There are thousands on A great conversation starter, and a good distraction for the kiddo’s!

Retractable Colour Pens

Did you ever think you would use these pens after elementary school? Me either, but they are CRUCIAL for charting! My favourite ones have carabiner’s that you can attach to your name tag or pants. You can buy these guys off of

Jannuu Tulip Top

From the day I started my first clinical I ordered this scrub top and fell in love. They are fitted and fashionable, and thats exactly what I loved about them. They really do make you look and feel like a professional… I even wore mine to graduation.

Greys Anatomy “Meredith” By SoftWalk

Literally have had mine for 7 years and they are in prime condition… enough said. They have removable insoles and aren’t as high as clogs usually are. No more ankle snapping when you’re running down a hallway! Water and slip resistant, and hospital approved.

Prestige Stethoscope Holder

This takes the weight off of your neck, and eliminates the risk for a potential choking hazard. I have also heard that the oils from your skin can damage the tubing your scope! It is SO much easier when your scope isn’t falling off your neck during patient transfers, dressing changes, etc. You can get these off of

Six Pack Renee Tote

This lunch bag is my EVERYTHING during 12 hour shifts. It has insulated compartments in the back for food storage, can fit my laptop and notebooks, and has 7-10 extra pockets for everything else! It comes with ice packs as well, so when the fridge is full as work… I have absolutely no worries.

Sage Pocket Pharmacy

This is a night shift essential for me, especially when that headache rolls around at 3 am. I use the peppermint for headaches and the pain release for sore muscles.

Flo’s Design Scrunchies

Last but not least, putting your hair back… these are a MUST. They don’t leave a kink in your hair, but are strong enough to hold it up for a solid 12 hours. Also perfect for bad hair days (aka your 4th shift in a row), when the bun is in full force.