Why I Created Fit As A Nurse

Why I Created Fit As A Nurse

I signed up for nursing school at 18 year old, having NO CLUE what this career would bring me in the future. The university in my hometown offered the nursing program, so I took the opportunity to live at home and start the four year journey to my degree. Somewhere along the way, my path led me to fitness. I started going to the gym regularly and obsessively researched nutrition and supplementation. I got a basic nutrition certification during my second year of college. I ended up competing in four bodybuilding competitions by the end of my degree. Fitness became a huge part of my life, and I was able to balance my training and nutrition through those busy, stressful, and crazy four years.

I actually almost decided to change career paths closer to graduation. My friends never understood why I would give up a stable career to pursue something as silly as “fitness”.

Why would I do this? I frequently heard about terrible eating habits, exhaustion so high that exercise wasn’t even a thought, and constant high stress levels. I just couldn’t see myself in this career long term if that was going to be me. How would I be able to live this healthy life I created if this was my reality?

I wish there was a nurse that showed me that a healthy routine can sustain you through this career long term. And because there wasn’t… I almost left.

I created this community so you will STAY. Stay active, stay healthy, and stay in a career that you love. To show new nurses, experienced nurses, and nursing students that it is possible to stay fit and active, and work at the job you love. To prove that you should never have to sacrifice your passion for your health. It was created to make healthier and happier nurses.

I can only hope that this will be a landing page for healthcare providers to access resources to make their lives happier and healthier. That’s the dream.

Happier nurses, healthier patients. I am here to show you that IT IS possible to be fit as a nurse.   @fitasanurse
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